Earnnest x Transactions (zipForm) Webinar

Earnnest allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions — and it's available directly where you work. Enjoy the flexibly and security of digital earnest money inside Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm edition).

What we cover

In this exclusive webinar, we'll show you how to use Earnnest within Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm edition) so you'll be able to:
  • Send money faster than a check
  • Remove the risk of wire fraud
  • Save time and effort contacting clients

Invite Your Escrow Holder

Inviting your escrow partner(s) to connect with Earnnest couldn't be easier—just fill out the form to invite your escrow partner(s) to sign up for Earnnest today! Once they've signed up, they'll be ready to receive secure, digital earnest money requests generated by you and your agents! If your escrow partner(s) would like more information about Earnnest, they can find addition resources here.

Your Presenter

Earnnest Team Member
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