Advanced Admin Essentials

In this 30 minute session we will cover the some of the more advanced settings you need for a Vinny Administrator to start to configure your Vincere system.

What you'll learn

  • Field Configuration
  • Document Builder
  • Email Templates

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Meet Your Hosts 👋
Abigail Tibbott
Senior Customer Engagement Executive
Hi i'm Abi! I work in Vincere's London Office.
My favourite Vinny feature is the LiveList™, if you haven't heard of it you better check it out! It's a great way to connect & collaborate with your clients in real time (and it works on mobile!) 🔥
Kevin Huynh
Sales Executive
Hi I'm Kevin, i'm part of the sales team here at Vincere.
My favourite Vinny feature is definitely the AI Coach, to be able to see the activity that needs to take place in the system in order to reach your revenue targets is a real win!