The Accelerated Training Academy

Level 1: Bootcamp
This session is key to the success of configuring Vinny for your company brand, processes & procedures.

What you'll learn

Every Monday
  • User Management
  • Candidate Sources
  • Groups, Tags & Locations
  • Field Configuration
  • Email Templates
  • Admin Settings
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Meet Your Trainers 👋
Karen Alcobilla
Customer Success Executive
Hi i'm Karen! I work in the Success Team at Vincere.
My favourite Vinny feature is VinnyChat, if you haven't heard of it you better check it out! The ability to communicate and collaborate instantly is a win in modern recruitment...
Slidin' in your DMs soon. 🔥
Sam Corlett
Customer Engagement Executive
Hi, I'm Sam. I'm part of the UK Customer Success team. I would have to say the top Vinny feature would have to be the AI Coach. Vinny telling you what you need to do on a daily basis? Next release it will start making your calls for you.