Wendi Platform Demo - Healthcare's Digital Assistant

About this webinar

Wendi is a digital assistant for healthcare practices that can automate patient screening, insurance verification, scheduling, forms, and ongoing communications.

If this is business hours, we can live-chat in the Webinar. You can also reach me at: Stephen@GetWendi.com

What you'll learn

  • How Wendi can modernize and simplify your entire practice
  • How Wendi can automate much of what you're doing manually - like health insurance verifications and scheduling
  • How to delight your patients and save countless hours per week

Your Presenter
Stephen Estes
Stephen Estes is the co-founder and CEO of Wendi, a healthcare technology company that has built a digital assistant for healthcare practices. Wendi can entirely automate the new-patient intake process - responding to missed calls, prequalifying patients, verifying insurance, scheduling appointments, and automating intake forms. She can also help existing patients with a multitude of tasks via SMS, and Wendi comes with a complete telecommunications system.