Welcome to EXIT Realty! Let's dive into the Technology-

About this webinar

You're in for a treat! Join Annette Anthony, VP Technology Engagement for a deep dive of our vast tools and resources EXIT Associates leverage to attract, connect and convert leads into business.

What you'll learn

In this presentation we'll tackle several of EXIT's tools. Share how you can use them to accelerate relationship building with prospects, and differenciate you from the competition. We'll also share tips in the CHAT that you won't want to miss!

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Your Presenter
Annette Anthony
VP Technology Engagement
EXIT Realty Corp. USA
Welcome! It's a pleasure to present for you today. You'll quickly find that I really love what I do! We're in the business of building people. We make it our mission to build their careers, confidence to use our tools, and residual income. We do this by creating an environment where they can succeed, get answers, and use efficient technology to accelerate relationship building. Our insatiable appetite for innovation and support provides the perfect recipe to keep our agents productive and attract agents who value our work ethic to want to join us. Human potential is our anthem~