"The Next Bank Bail-In: Can Your Bank Seize Your Funds?"

About this webinar

Legislative changes occurred several years ago that change the way banks will be "bailed out." The vast majority of people are not aware of these changes, but should be, as the Act enables the funds (in bank checking, savings and CD's) to be used to fund the bank in the event of the bank's collapse.

What you'll learn:

In this hour-long webinar you will gain the type of comprehensive information that we usually reserve for our seminar attendees. Lead by our VP, we discuss the law that could affect how the funds in your bank checking, savings and CD’s could be used to “bail-in” the bank in the event of the bank’s collapse.
  • Detailed information about the legislative changes including its' origin and how it affects bank holder funds
  • What the likelihood is of another bank collapse happening here in the United States
  • FDIC guarantees- what are the rules under the new legislation, how much is available to cover losses, and what their responsibility is
  • Comprehensive overview of various investment types (CD's, mutual funds, bonds, annuities) with their pros/cons
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