Welcome to Vinny | Shift Scheduler Hacks

About this session

In this session we'll focus on adding in your Temp jobs and booking your candidates in Vinny. This includes looking at the various ways you can assign your workers and fill your shifts.

We'll look at Vinny best practices and ways for you to unlock the true power of the Vinny Shift Scheduler

What you'll learn

  • How to add Temp Jobs
  • Editing shifts
  • Inviting Candidates to shifts
  • Booking Candidates
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Meet Your Trainers 👋
Sam Albon
Senior Customer Success Executive
My favourite Vinny feature is The Forecaster, a really powerful way to forecast expected revenue in the system, such a powerful dashboard. A must have for managers📊🔥
Amy Street
Customer Success Manager
Hello there!
My name is Amy and I'm part of the Customer Success team here at Vinny 👋🏼My favourite Vinny feature has got to be.... search, I absolutely love search, it's such a powerful feature to get the most out of your database 🙌