Welcome to Vinny | High Level Overview

About this session

Welcome to your first Vincere training session!

This session is designed to give you a high level overview of the platform, we'll need around 30 mins of your time and we'll cover the basics to give you a framework for the future sessions. Think of this first session like a quick demo and our future sessions more like in-depth training.

What you'll learn

  • An intro to Vinny 🙌
  • Sidebar Menu
  • User Settings
  • Quick Add
  • Quick Search / Advanced Search
  • ATS Pipeline
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Meet Your Trainers 👋
Matt Donnelly
Head of Customer Success
Hi! My name is Matt & I'm part of our London team -I can't wait to show you what Vincere has to offer during our training sessions 🙌
My favourite Vinny feature has got to be VinnyChat - it's a great way to stay connected with your colleagues on your mobile, watch and web.. slidin' into your DMs soon 😉
Abigail Tibbott
Senior Customer Engagement Executive
Hi i'm Abi! I work in Vincere's London Office.
My favourite Vinny feature is the LiveList™, if you haven't heard of it you better check it out! It's a great way to connect & collaborate with your clients in real time (and it works on mobile!) 🔥