Messaging Demo: How My Clients are Shortening the Sales Cycle for Their High Ticket Offers

About this Masterclass

In this training I'll share advanced strategies for finding your message-to-market match and building a marketing ecosystem that enrolls high ticket clients on a consistent basis.

What you'll learn

  • The two paradigm shifts to focus on in your marketing that will position your offers as the obvious choice
  • How to develop multiple sources of qualified leads with the content you're already creating
  • How to build trust quickly and get clients to self-select the offer they want before you even get on the phone
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Meet Your Host
For over a decade Holly Chantal has helping coaches and service professionals who have reached a plateau in their revenue bring their message, business model, and marketing systems into in alignment with their next level of growth.
One of Holly’s gifts is creating clear messaging that captures the brilliance of your work and makes it tangible for your ideal clients. Her clients have gone on to create $25k paydays, sell $50k from webinars with only a few participants, and sell out their brand new programs within days or weeks – all from the changes made to their message.
On this webinar she will be sharing her framework for creating a message that cuts through the media and marketing noise so you can show up with the right solution, at the right time for your clients. When this framework is combined with your marketing efforts you can expect to have more clients reaching out to YOU ready to work together.