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Why you should join

Want to learn how to build customer journey maps and personas in UXPressia?

In this 44-minute webinar, our Customer Support Agent Julia will walk you through basic and advanced features, showing you how to create data-rich and designer-quality journey maps and make that in collaboration with your team.

Plus, there'll be a special offer on the Customer Journey Mapping course you can take on UXPressia's online educational platform.

What you'll learn

Let Julia show you how to create journey maps and personas from the ground up in UXPressia so that you'll be able to make the most of the platform to achieve your journey mapping project goals.

She will show you:
  • The key UXPressia features that make mapping and persona creation processes smooth and efficient;
  • How to create your first project, map, and persona, including organizing your dashboard;
  • How collaboration and sharing work;
  • How to export your maps and personas to different formats;
  • How to present them right in the tool;
  • How to use the Team Library of reusable components;
  • And much more 😎
Your presenter
Yulia Trofimchik
Customer Success Agent
UXPressia Inc.