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Understanding interest rates:

Tips to supercharge your business

In light of the Federal Reserve hinting at interest rate cuts in 2024, we strongly believe that now is the opportune moment to leverage on this valuable information. This presents a unique opportunity to explore and implement strategies aimed at building unwavering client trust and significantly enhancing your competitiveness within the dynamic landscape of the property industry.

🚀 Webinar highlights:
  • 🌐 Mortgage outlook 2024 - Federal Reserve indications
  • 🏠 Impact on the property market - Navigating the changes
  • 🤝 Agent-client talking points - Crafting strategies to thrive
At PropertyGuru Finance, we're here to share valuable insights and strategies so that you can help your clients' make better home financing decisions!

Expert speaker

Paul Wee
Vice President
PropertyGuru Finance
  • Paul Wee
    Vice President
    PropertyGuru Finance