Free Workshop: The Shock Demo Blueprint™ - How To Create An Automated SaaS Demo That Makes Your Prospect's Jaw Drop Open In "Shock" & Sells Your Product Without Sales Peopole, 24/7

Here's what you're going to learn on this short workshop:

Discover how to create a recorded, automated demo for your SaaS that sells your product for you, without hiring salespeople or hiring an expensive video team.

What you'll learn

Here's what you'll learn in this short workshop
  • How to blow away potential customers with a demo that addresses all of their pain points
  • The Shock Demo Script - the exact script we use to create demos that your prospects will watch over and over again
  • The secret to creating a recorded demo that doesn't bore or "train" your prospects (instead of sell)
  • Why you shouldn't use a professional explainer video or live production company to create your first demo video
  • What you should (and shouldn't) show in your demo
  • How to get prospects to watch and sign up for your product AFTER the demo
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Your Presenter
Aaron Krall
SaaS Visionaries
Aaron is a coach for B2B SaaS companies who want to scale faster and become the market leader in their industry.