The Secrets to Real Estate Marketing with David Collins&nbsp;<div>(Part 1)</div>

In this episode, we are joined by David Collins, President and CEO of Real Marketing. David brings his 22+ years of real estate marketing to you and lends insight on using measurable data and high-quality marketing materials to reach that luxury threshold.
0:00 - Intro 0:39 - How David used his marketing experience to become a top real estate agent 6:30 - The custom luxury market report and being a neighborhood expert 10:30 - How agents can use the targeted market report to sell more homes and provide the right information to homeowners at the right time 14:40 - The difference between luxury vs. non-luxury sellers 15:55 - How to break into the luxury price point 17:58 - How to create and use property brochures properly 20:00 - Leveraging direct mail marketing to stand out 24:00 - Why direct mail market reports work with millennial home buyers and sellers 28:04 - How to use listing books in your marketing 32:30 - How much should you spend on marketing materials?&nbsp;&nbsp;
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David Collins
Real Marketing