The Role of Stores in the Apparel & Retail Segments

About this webinar

Apparel and specialty retailers have been forced to redefine their models in the face of an unforeseen foe: COVID-19. Previously, in-store shopping in apparel and specialty was defined by a high touch, immersive experience. Those expectations have been turned on their head and are now defined by delivering a contactless and low-touch experience that appeal to a consumer’s need for convenience and safety. This includes curbside pickup, contactless checkout, appointment-based shopping.

The silver lining is that research has proven that consumers miss shopping in stores. It is now up to retailers to provide the experience that will ensure the consumer comes back. This can be enabled through front-end solutions, including POS, that are flexible enough to meet new store requirements.

What you'll learn

  • Aligning the experience to the consumer’s new behaviors and new habits.
  • Leveraging technology throughout the front-end to deliver on consumer and associate expectations.
  • Redefining the role of the store and its effect on operations.
Your Presenter
Giri Agarwal
Chief Strategy Officer
Sumit Shrivastava