Stress Less: Live More Mindfully eWebinar

About this eWebinar

Learn the basics, benefits of mindfulness and the methods to train ourselves a new stress free body and mind. We can achieve enhanced lives, finding a calm sense of peace and joy. Join in to learn simple ways to meditate - no equipment or previous training required but an open mind.

What you'll learn

In the Stress Less eWebinar get ready to learn...
  • about your body's stress response system
  • how to calm it through activating your calming part of the autonomic nervous system
  • how simple breathing techniques can calm you body and mind immediately
  • how learning to practice mindfulness can increase the peace in your life
  • the importance of self care
If you don't take care of yourself, how can you expect others to prioritize your needs?
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Christie Cox
Founder & CEO
I was a stressed executive on the way to burnout, happily married to the love of my life, raising my daughter and keeping up with her social and travel sports schedule. Basically - doing too much....burning the candle at both ends, as many of us are today. I began learning about mindfulness two years after being diagnosed with several multi-systemic incurable diseases that stopped my life and destroyed my identity as a mom, a career woman, caregiver, and capable person as I knew it.
My progressive wellness story has led to me to develop Journey2Joy to get educated, trained, and certified to teach others tools to pull out of their spiral too. Believe me, there is hope and you can improve your own life, embrace resilience through life's seasons of change, using your mind and body together with your brain's scientifically-proven neuroplasticity to find calm healing. I hope you soon begin your own journey to joy and healing yourself, reducing pain, and finding peace in your life starting now. Calm your chaos!