Understanding Spirituality, Soul & Dharm

About this class

In this class, I'm going to introduce myself and we'll dive into understanding the meaning of Spirituality, Soul & the two meanings of Dharm and I'll share with you the biggest deal of the year for my Spiritual course Karma: A Path to Infinite Peace of Mind.

What you'll learn

  • What is the meaning of Spirituality
  • What is the meaning of Soul
  • What is Dharm
  • Relationship between Spirituality & Dharm
  • Does Spirituality include religion or exclude religion
  • Souls did not come with a stamp of religion
Stay to the end to receive a special very limited period offer (until 31st May 2021) I make only to attendees of this webinar!
Your Instructor
Kashish G
Spiritual Guide & Consultant, India
Karmicbuzz Foundation
Having been initiated into a life of spirituality & miracles during her childhood by her Spiritual Master in India, Kashish's purpose in life is to help people expand their consciousness in a comparatively less amount of time. Along with her astral spiritual Masters, she is working full time towards devising ways in which the set goal can be achieved.
Kashish G is the founder of the blog & Spiritual Academy, Karmicbuzz Spirituality; based on the concept of Karma, where she teaches people to live their lives in a manner that would help them carry the least Karmic burden and work towards their soul's spiritual excellence and evolution.
Kashish G teaches that a human being can evolve the highest by raising his' consciousness through meditation under a perfect Spiritual Teacher and the implementation of the complete knowledge of Karma.