Session 5 - D-Dimer and Arterial Diseases

Join our fifth session on D-Dimer and Arterial Diseases with Prof. Alessandro Squizzato!

About this webinar

Arterial diseases are a wide variety of conditions that can affect different organs. Coronary Artery Disease, which can lead to myocardial infarction, aortic aneurysms that can be complicated through a dissection, Ischemic stroke, mesenteric ischemia are all arterial diseases.
Thrombotic or bleeding complications of patients with arterial disease are a significant burden on healthcare systems and require a variety of diagnostic tools spanning from laboratory markers to imaging techniques that allow treating physicians to predict or diagnose the disease to guide the best way to manage the patients.
Among the many markers that may play a role in the assessment and management of arterial diseases, the role of D-Dimer can play a role in assisting clinicians. Requesting the right marker for the right indication is always a challenge. Please join us for the talk by Professor Alessandro Squizzato who provides a comprehensive overview of the available literature and guidances that discuss when D-Dimer adds value and in which category of arterial diseases.

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