Session 2 - General Overview of Fibrinolysis

Join our second session on the General Overview of Fibrinolysis with Prof. Mario Colucci!

About this webinar

D-Dimer is one of the byproducts of Fibrinolysis, a process that breaks down blood clots to prevent them from growing and becoming problematic. The main enzyme involved in fibrinolysis is Plasmin which cuts the fibrin mesh at various places, leading to the production of circulating fragments like D-Dimer that are cleared by other proteases or by the kidney and liver. The process of fibrinolysis however is much more complex and involves other actors like a few coagulation factors, tissue plasminogen activators, Plasminogen Activator inhibitors 1 & 2, α2-antiplasmin, and plasminogen among others. Additionally, fibrin and fibrinogen degradation by plasmin produces a heterogeneous group of molecules called FDPs which include D-Dimer, but also Fibrin Monomers, and others. Please join us for the talk by Professor Colucci who provides a comprehensive overview of fibrinolysis and its many aspects.

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