Session 1 - COVID-19 Associated Coagulopathies

Join our first session on COVID-19 Associated Coagulopathies with two talks from Prof. Armando Tripodi on the Main Hemostatic Anomalies and from Prof. Walter Ageno on the Management of Thrombotic Complications.

About this webinar

In March 2020, the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis ISTH published a guidance document aiming to provide a risk stratification at admission for a COVID-19 patient and management of coagulopathy which may develop in some of these patients, based on easily available laboratory parameters. The guidance lists four hemostasis markers (D-Dimer, Prothrombin Time, Platelet count, and Fibrinogen, listed by order of importance) with D-Dimer as the most important one suggesting that a 3-4-fold increase in D-Dimer values may be considered a markedly raised D-Dimer.
Since then, several points have been raised related to the use of Coagulation Markers in the assessment of hemostatic anomalies, this topic is covered in this talk by Prof. Armando Tripodi. Additionally, several studies tried to assess the most appropriate treatment protocols to manage the coagulopathy and this topic is covered in this talk by Prof. Walter Ageno.

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