Scaling Customer Success to Enablement Tens of Thousands of Agents Without EVER Hosting Live

About this webinar (40 minutes)

In this eWebinar case study, Kevin Andrews, Client Enablement Manager at BombBomb, shares how he and his team scale their training and onboarding to tens of thousands of users in a way that still feels personal and leaves no customer question unanswered.

In this conversation, Kevin shares:
  • How he's seen a dramatic 20-30% increase in watch time and engagement since switching to eWebinar from a different automated webinar platform
  • How his team has been able to use the time saved from using eWebinar — along with its Analytics — to improve the quality and diversity of their webinars
  • His advice to companies who are considering using automated webinars to scale their customer success
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Your Presenters
Melissa Kwan
Cofounder & CEO
eWebinar is a solution I wish existed when I was growing my previous tech company. Signing up new customers was always fun, but it didn't take long before I was drowning in repetitive training and onboarding webinars every day. After that company was acquired, I decided to solve the pain of of doing the same webinar over and over again. Our mission is to help give people back their time, and I'm excited for you to give eWebinar a try.
Kevin Andrews
Client Enablement Manager
Kevin's love for acting and building relationships has molded him into who he is today. Growing up on the stage and in front of the camera has naturally evolved into him working in Customer Success, hosting webinars, and talking to people every day so they can succeed at the level that they want. As he puts it, "I've always said that helping people is my number one goal and now I get to help lots of people be the person they want to be."