Re-Thinking Punishment in the Way We Parent

Have you ever questioned the way you were disciplined? Or the way you discipline your children? Do you believe that punishment is necessary for discipline? Is it the best way for children to learn lessons and self-control? Many of us, ourselves, were raised with punishment as a parenting approach. Today, with all of the research we have, the question of punishment seems like a tricky subject in parenting, and one that comes up often.

In this webinar, we'll discuss important questions related to discipline and punishment and explore how you can re-think your approach to this challenging parenting topic!
Your Presenter
Evelyn Mendal
Director of Parenting
Evelyn Mendal is a mother, co-parent, and licensed mental health counselor, focused on helping parents to parent purposefully, and with a more conscious perspective. Her fascination with early childhood development and the parent-child relationship inspired her to develop an extensive resource curriculum to help parents navigate pregnancy and early childhood. Her approach is one of connection-based caregiving with a strong foundation in attachment theory and child development. She has led live parent workshops, preschool teacher workshops, parent groups, and has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families in her private practice. Evelyn works with parents with the goal of encouraging them to become more confident, mindful and happy, which in turn, will raise healthy, happier, and more resilient kids.