Qualizy FREE Setup workshop - Deep Dive Time!

About this workshop

This free workshop changes the GAME...
It’s your chance to join the ranks of ultra-successful food business owners...and learn nearly every trick in our tool bag for getting your Food Safety management system RIGHT.

Why should you care?

Because doing this right once leads to future success later on. Once the system is up and running (10min max), you will never have to worry again about missing forms or documents so you will always be ready and prepared for of inspections and with absolute confidence.

Here’s what we’re covering…

  • The top food safety templates that every food business needs.
  • How to get a better understanding of your employees' habits to identify hazards and risks before it's too late.
  • How to outsmart inspections and pass them with flying colors
  • Exactly how to use every button in Qualizy!...
And much, MUCH more!

🎁 Our gift to you...

Imagine if you had a food safety expert standing by your side, and giving you the everything you need to succeed inspections for free... well, this is precisely what you are going to get at the end of this workshop.

P.S. We really want you to take all of the methods to heart – especially the section about how to save a HUGE amount of money using automation.
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Your Presenter
Cedric Seguela
Chef Cedric has spent more than a decade perfecting the mouthwatering dishes of Michelin star restaurants and he is brought his expertise to the kitchens of private clients. His private chef company, employed more than 40 top-notch chefs who are working with celebrities, CEOs, fortune 500 and other top tier customers. Turned successful entrepreneur: He has also opened up one of the first ever cookery schools in France (where he trained 2000+ students in food safety).
He then realized how much of an impact paperwork had on both himself as well as other chefs and restaurateurs, that's when Qualizy was funded. A digital solution that chefs and business owners love to use on a daily basis.