Paraquat: What is it? & Do You Have a Claim?

About this webinar

Paraquat is a highly toxic weed killer or herbicide used worldwide since 1964 by millions of U.S. farmers and agricultural workers. It is so dangerous that over 32 countries have banned or partially banned its use. Unfortunately, paraquat remains legal in the U.S., risking the health and safety of workers on over 2 million U.S. farms.

The toxic weed killer is linked to Parkinson’s Disease, the fastest-growing central nervous system disorder in the world. Major paraquat manufacturers and distributors like Syngenta and Chevron have known the harm paraquat can cause for decades. Still, they valued profits over people, doing nothing to protect millions exposed to their dangerous product.

Join Beasley Allen attorneys Julia Merritt and Leslie LaMacchia as they explain what paraquat is, its potentially life-altering effects and how to spot a claim. Get the latest details about current litigation and case-building strategies to navigate your clients’ paraquat claims successfully.

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