Observic Recruitment Concept Webinar

About this webinar

Whatever recruitment tools you currently use, have you sometimes wished you could tell the software developer exactly what you need?

Now’s your chance!

We are designing an evidence-based shortlisting tool for in-house talent acquisition teams to be launched later this year.

The new tool will offer a greater depth of analysis across multimedia candidate evidence to access a wider range of competencies and reduce bias and discrimination in the shortlisting process.

What we need from you

As experts in the in-house recruitment space, we are asking for your input into the ways in which Observic will save you time, money and ultimately ensure you recruit the best person for the job.

In a session lasting just over 12 minutes, we will run through proposed features of Observic, as well as ask you questions about your experience, wants and needs.


All of the information provided will be kept confidential, and we will not use any feedback or quotes in any future marketing materials as this is purely for research purposes.

All participants will receive exclusive offers and benefits when the platform goes live as a way of saying thank you.

Please sign up to a forthcoming session, or watch a replay of an earlier session in your own time, and play a part in the future of in-house recruitment technology.
Your Presenter
John Edmonds
Founder/Managing Director