New Way To Rank your Products 2021 and Beyond!

About this webinar

New Way To Rank your Products 2021 and Beyond. Description Elite Seller Webinar to share Funnels best practices and answer some quick questions about how this feature will elevate the way you run your Amazon Business.

Are you about to launch a product, or do you want to boost your sales and ranking?

Join us in our Funnels Webinar where our experts will show you how to achieve your business goals and provide value to your customers.

Things we are gonna cover...

✔ Explain what Funnels are and highlight the importance of using them. ✔ Share how-to daisy-chain pre and post Purchase funnels. ✔ Teach how to create Magic Links to boost your rankings (40X more efficient than any other links out there). ✔ Show how to use our VIP club and its characteristics. ✔ Answer all of your questions during the Q&A time.
Amazing feature-rich platform for serious sellers. We've been able to knock out 3-4 other apps that we o longer use and roll them into this, which has been great.
Allan Stevens
CEO & Co-Founder KOS Naturals
Meet our honourable speakers...
Bere Moreno
Head of Customers Success Team
Elite Seller
Joshua Porter
Brand Ambassador
Elite Seller