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About this webinar

Welcome to Gatewise! We are so glad you are here! In this Webinar you will learn how to use the Gatewise Portal to control access to your Community

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to customize the appearance of the Gatewise App for your Community
  • Learn how to add, edit, and remove users from your access
  • Learn how to manage Gatewise Smart Remotes
  • Learn how to Customize your gates and car doors and set schedules for them
  • Learn how to access and utilize access logs
  • Learn how to set up groups
  • Get an over view of the App and learn how to set up Siri to open your access points
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Your Presenter
Shelly Mulder
Customer Success Director
Hello! My Name is Shelly and I am the Customer Success Director for Gatewise Inc. Before joining the Gatewise team I worked over 15 years in the multifamily industry as everything from a Leasing Agent all the way up to Regional Manager. I spent the majority of my multifamily career in the field as a Community Manager. At Gatewise, I will help with anything you need from support to accounting :) Outside of Gatewise I love to spend time at the beach in Galveston and spending time with family and Boston Terrier, Ricky Bobby :)
Alicia Rojas