Modern Agent Part 3 - Buy BEFORE you Sell.

Modern Agent Part 3 - Buy BEFORE you Sell.

About this webinar

Help your clients buy first, sell later

Offer your clients the ability to buy their dream home before selling their old house when you become a Knock Certified Agent

How Does Knock HomeSwap Work?

-We get you approved for a mortgage

-You buy & move into your dream home while we cover your old mortgage

-Sell your old house on the market for top dollar with your agent

What is Knock?

We’re a technology company with an innovative home loan solution, the Knock Home Swap™, which helps you buy before you sell. We are not an iBuyer or home flipper.

What's Great About Knock?

With Knock, you can buy a new home & move in without having to sell yours first (or at the same time); no longer live through showings & repairs in your old house; move only once & pay one mortgage; sell your old house for top dollar with your agent, & more.

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