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  • #4: HOW to learn English by yourself effectively
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Your Presenters
Andrew Woodbury
Learn YOUR English
In his career, Andrew has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies. Over that time, he has delivered a wide variety of courses both in Canada and abroad.
With Learn YOUR English, Andrew helps students and teachers like YOU achieve their goals. He's worked with hundreds of people from all around the world. Andrew helped create the Self-directed Learning Portal for people to learn languages on their own busy schedules.
Andrew can't wait for you to join the SDLP and continue your English learning journey!
Michael Landry
Learn YOUR English
Mike has worked as a language instructor, teacher trainer, and director of studies in East Asia and Canada in his over 20 years of teaching.
With Learn YOUR English, Mike helps students and teachers improve and get better. He created the Self-directed Learning Portal for people learning English who don't have time for normal classes and is excited for you to try it.
He has helped hundreds of students improve their English can't wait to meet you!
The SDLP is amazing and showed me a lot of mistakes I made before. It is also dynamic and full of examples of real life situations.
Diva, SDLP Student, Mexico
I studied English on my own and in a classroom for years, but felt I wasn’t improving. I didn’t really know how to learn. Then I found Learn YOUR English. This is for people who are passionate about learning in their own way.
Azad, SDLP Student, Turkey