Intro to Analytics
In this 30 minute session we will cover the key dashboards you need for day one to start tracking all of those key stats in Vincere

What you'll learn

  • TV Dashboard
  • User Engagement
  • Goals
  • Booked Fees
  • The Forecaster

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Meet Your Hosts 👋
Matt Donnelly
Head of Customer Success
Hi! My name is Matt & I'm part of our London team -I can't wait to show you what Vincere has to offer during our training sessions 🙌
My favourite Vinny feature has got to be VinnyChat - it's a great way to stay connected with your colleagues on your mobile, watch and web.. slidin' into your DMs soon 😉
Donna Owen
Head of Sales | UK
Hey there! I'm Donna and I head up the sales team here in the UK 🇬🇧
My favourite Vinny feature HAS to be the compliance / Pay & Bill workflows built out-of-the box inside Vinny.