HowMoneyWorks Master Class - Part 2

The game plan every one who wants to be wealthy needs RIGHT NOW!

The wealthy don't use strategies that are magic or secret. But they DO know how money works and the specific steps that can lead to a life of financial security and independence. With this enlightening, fun, and high-energy class, you can too!

Know What to Do Right Now by taking action with a step-by-step strategy.

  • Discover the 7 Money Milestones with rich graphics and examples that make it easy to chart the course for your family.
  • Get just the right amount of answers, guidance, and specifics so you're not paralyzed from too much information.
  • Understand the confusing topic of life insurance with a clear, simple, visual explanation that just makes sense.
  • Get powerful ideas for how to build wealth with tactics that work for normal families in today's abnormal economy.
  • Discover how to create an income for retirement that never runs out and how to set up your kids to win financially.