HowMoneyWorks Master Class - Part 1

The class about money everyone should have been taught in school!

Worried that years of foolish money habits will come back to haunt you? They will. If you're ready to stop being a sucker and start building and protecting wealth, I have three words for you. Take. This. Course.

Learn Simple, Practical Ways to take control of your money like the wealthy.

  • Learn how to calculate when your savings will double and how to accelerate the rate at which it doubles.
  • Discover a revolutionary way for parents to leave a million dollar legacy to their children without using their savings.
  • Learn why compound interest is such a powerful force to grow wealth and how you're missing out on it.
  • See the dollar amount you could be putting away each month to have a million dollars waiting at retirement age.
  • Learn how to break free from the Sucker Cycle—the wealth sucking trap that's devouring your financial future.