How to Sell Your Course on Autopilot Without You

Webinar for Course Creators (30mins)

Do you want to grow your business exponentially by selling your online course 24/7, even in your sleep?

Now you can, with eWebinar, an easy-to-use software that turns any video into an automated webinar you can set on a recurring schedule.

In this webinar, Melissa (Cofounder of eWebinar) and Haley Burkhead (Founder of Recurring Profit) covers:
  • How (and why) Haley is able to sell her courses with a recorded webinar instead of doing it live
  • What you need to have your course sell on autopilot without you
  • The “Profitable Webinar Template” for Course Creators designed by Haley which you can use TODAY to automate your sales machine
Want to automate your sales webinar and see what it’s like to sell while you sleep? Sign up for an eWebinar trial now.
I scaled my business online from that $12 to create $400,000+ a month of recurring revenue by choosing to automate my webinar. That's massive, massive growth in my business.
Haley Burkhead, Founder of Recurring Profit
Your Presenters
Melissa Kwan
Cofounder & CEO
eWebinar is a solution I wish existed when I was growing my previous tech company. Signing up new customers was always fun, but it didn't take long before I was drowning in repetitive training and onboarding webinars every day. After that company was acquired, I decided to solve the pain of of doing the same webinar over and over again. Our mission is to help give people back their time, and I'm excited for you to give eWebinar a try.
Haley Burkhead
Recurring Profit
Haley helps course creators make their first 1 million dollars with an online program like a course or membership site. She loves helping entrepreneurs normalize big numbers while automating their marketing and simplifying their business so they never have to cap how many people they can help.