How to Manage Jobs

In this 30 minute session we will cover all the tips & tricks you need to know about Jobs in Vinny.

What you'll learn

  • Adding Jobs
  • Posting Jobs
  • Jobs Pipeline
  • Smart Views & Filters

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Meet Your Hosts 👋
Karen Alcobilla
Customer Success Executive
Hi i'm Karen! I work in the Success Team at Vincere.
My favourite Vinny feature is VinnyChat, if you haven't heard of it you better check it out! The ability to communicate and collaborate instantly is a win in modern recruitment...
Slidin' in your DMs soon. 🔥
Owen Jordan
Sales Executive
Hi i'm Owen, i'm part of the Sales Team here at Vincere.
My favourite Vinny feature is the Candidate Portal, the way that candidates can submit compliance documents to you through a portal is a game changer!