How to Achieve 10X Growth in Your BA Career - Live Expert Discussion - APAC

About this webinar

With the US Department of Labour predicting a 14% increase in the demand for BAs every year, your DREAM BA CAREER can become a REALITY when YOU address the 4 Key Hurdles!

Lack of excellent BA Knowledge
Lack of in-demand BA skills and resources
Lack of personal branding, and
Lack of On-the-job expert mentoring

Winning the Best Opportunities and Getting Paid More Is Not A Dream Anymore.

With Adaptive US it is a reality that can happen in a few months!

What you'll learn

  • How to become an in-demand BA
  • How to build your personal brand with IIBA certifications
  • Steps to become an awesome BA in 3 months
  • Tips from 1000+ BAs to ace the IIBA certifications exams
  • Study aids and support from Adaptive and Q&A.
Get growth hacks from experts on How to Achieve 10X Growth in Your BA Career!

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