How Successful Executives Find Meaning In Their Life Before Its Too Late

Walk away with insights about yourself and how you can make a difference in the world. Live a life of fulfillment!

Designed for busy executives who don’t have time. The content is targeted to address why mid to late career professionals struggle with a lack of fulfillment in their work. Explore what’s missing in your life determine and if you are being called to do something else.

What you'll learn

Key points for the biggest takeaways from the workshop
  • Learn what's missing in your life & have more self-awareness
  • Determine if now is the right time to take on a new challenge
  • Discover why it's so hard on your own to know your life's purpose
  • Learn a proven process that has helped others
Achieve More Than Success - Create Significance
1. What Happens When You “Hit the Wall”
When you have been doing too much, for too long, with too little meaning, you risk having sacrificed too much. If your career goals have been focused on getting: more status, power, money, etc. you may be feeling like there is something missing and if you have known there is something missing you start to feel like you are missing something substantial in your life. I have been through this and it’s not pleasant!

2. How To Avoid the Big Mistake
Have you told yourself that you will wait to figure out what you want to do next, after _____ (e.g., the kids get out of college). Waiting can be a disaster – I’m sure you have heard of the person who wanted to start a business and got sick and was never able to pursue their dream. You don’t have to sacrifice lifestyle for purpose!

3. I don’t have a life purpose! Most people have lived their life without a deep sense of purpose because they believe they don’t have a life purpose. This is a lie. Learn why purpose is so elusive and what you can do today to start to discover it. You need a process to connect all the dots and find the hidden sweet spot.
There are many consultants and guides, but no one provides a proven process.
Your Presenter
Don Frericks
President & CEO