How SaaS Companies Can Launch Their

First Partnership Program
How'd You Do It? - Episode 3

About this webinar (45 minutes)

Paddy McGill, who spent 10+ years working in partnership programs and affiliate marketing, shares his best tips and advice on how any SaaS company can launch their first partnership program. In this session, he covers:
  • Different types of partnership programs
  • Key elements of a successful program
  • How to find partners and get started

About this series

In this interview-style webinar series, Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar, speaks with other entrepreneurs and leaders who have been successful at accomplishing something great and asks them, "How'd you do it?" Listen as Melissa's guests generously share their journeys, what they've learned along the way, and advice on all things business and life.

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Your Presenters
Melissa Kwan
Cofounder & CEO
eWebinar is a solution I wish existed when I was growing my previous tech company. Signing up new customers was always fun, but it didn't take long before I was drowning in repetitive training and onboarding webinars every day. After that company was acquired, I decided to solve the pain of of doing the same webinar over and over again. Our mission is to help give people back their time, and I'm excited for you to give eWebinar a try.
Paddy McGill
Affiliate Marketing + Partnerships
Paddy is a consultant for SaaS Companies and Digital Entrepreneurs around the topics of Partnership Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Online Courses. He helps content creators and businesses grow at scale with Partnership, Affiliate, Virtual Summits and Online Course Marketing. He currently heads partnership for Restream, a solution that allows you to broadcast live video to 30+ social networks at the same time.