eWebinar + WISE Accelerator Introduction & Demo

In this 25-minute eWebinar, Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar will share what drove her to build eWebinar, a product that would solve a problem she’d experienced every day while growing her previous SaaS company. ​ In this session, Melissa will: * Demo eWebinar and the key features that make it stand out * Walk you through the 5 easy steps to create an eWebinar * Give you a quick tour of an eWebinar dashboard where you can manage chat, access analytics, and more Let her show you how you can take any video and turn it into an interactive, automated webinar that will delight your customers and make your brand shine. ​ eWebinar + WISE Accelerator At the end of this session, you'll get a chance to sign up for a 30-day free trial so you can get started today! ​ **WISE Accelerator companies will enjoy an exclusive 20% discount.**

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