5 Customer Success Principles that Turn Customer Success Into a Huge Profit Center

Customer success thought leader, Julie Persofsky from Winning by Design, shows how Customer Success — often seen as a cost center — is actually one of the biggest and most scalable channels for faster growth and profitability.

Armed with research and years of experience — and the math to back it all up — Julie shows why SaaS companies who rely on recurring revenue should be putting Customer Success at the center of their growth strategies to increase revenue and drive profitability.

Stick around until the end to get your hands on Winning by Design's report, The Rise Of Customer Success As a Profit Center — which proves how Customer Success should be a major focus of your growth. Share it with your CFO to help you get a bigger budget. 😉
What You'll Learn!
In this jam-packed, 40-minute webinar, you'll learn:
  • The 5 “First Principles” of Customer Success
  • How to turn Customer Success into a Profit Center that drives growth and profitability
  • Why SaaS companies should ignore the typical “sales funnel”, and what they should do instead
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your CS team — what metrics to watch + which to ignore
  • The greatest way to drive profitability (it’s NOT getting new users)
  • How to 5x (at least) the LTV of your customers

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Our Presenter
Julie Persofsky
Customer Success Practice Lead
Winning by Design
As the Customer Success Practice Lead at Winning by Design, Julie Weill Persofsky works with Customer Success and Revenue leaders to rethink their approach to Customer Success to drive more sustainable profitability for their recurring revenue businesses. Julie has over 15 years of experience in Customer Success and Account Management. She holds a B.A. at McGill University and currently lives in Whistler, Canada.