Cultivating Sales PRO Demo Webinar

About This Webinar

Melissa Blair, CEO of Cultivating Sales, LLC will walk you through a demo of the Cultivating Sales PRO software.

What you'll learn

You'll see how this software allows you to build your entire sales & marketing system using just 1 tool.

  • Keep track of all of your conversations in one spot
  • Eliminate having to copy & paste info from 1 program into another
  • Build courses as an added revenue source
  • Use our funnel builder to make sales, fill your next webinar, and fill your calendar with appointments
  • Ask for and receive 5-star reviews
  • Watch prospects move through your sales pipeline. Never lose anyone again!
  • Email or text your list with a click of a button.
  • Prequalify prospects before they get to your calendar. Stop wasting your time and theirs
  • Add a live chat widget to your website for easy interaction with your visitors
  • See how you can train our software to do everyday tasks for you.

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Streamline Your Tech for Your Own Sanity
Not only is this rat's nest difficult for you to manage, it's also expensive. The expense is not only in the cost associated with each software tool, but also the added expense of learning each of those tools.
Your Presenter
Melissa Blair
Cultivating Sales
Sales & Marketing Nerd