Collective Wisdom Coaching and Consulting

About this webinar

If you’re feeling exhausted, stuck in a life rut, lacking self-belief but know that you want more for yourself, then we have something important to tell you:
* You don’t have to keep living life in auto-pilot
* You don’t need to keep feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
* You don’t need to continue putting yourself last

We help women to understand their why, purpose and find their true alignment. We help women the compassionate way.

What you'll learn

How to kickstart your recalibration is revealed in this FREE webinar. You will learn more about the solutions you need to know about. You'll learn more about:
  • the invisible impacts of focussing on your problems
  • the power of being able to manage your own mind
  • Emily and Mel and whether Collective Wisdom Coaching is the right fit for you.
The webinar runs for 20 minutes and will be a great investment in you! To show up for yourself sign up now!
Your Presenters
Melanie Greenhalgh
Collective Wisdom Coaching and Consulting
Emily Ridgwell