Close More Deals with the Cloud Agent Suite

As an agent, listings are the lifeline of your business. Of course, you want to win more, but do you know easy steps you can start doing today to increase your close rate?

Join us in this interactive webinar as we teach you how to use modern Cloud Agent Suite tools to prepare, deliver, and follow-up with prospects so you can win more listings.

During this free webinar you’ll learn how to:

-Virtually present your CMA with Cloud CMA Live.

-Auto-prospect with text listing alerts in Cloud Streams.

-Search the MLS as simply as your search Google.

-Market to your sphere in minutes with ready-made or custom landing pages.

-Automate your lead generating efforts with the ‘set it and forget it’ power of Homebeat

Your Presenter
Damon Alton
Senior Business Development Manager
W+R Studios
Damon Alton is the Senior Business Development Manager with W+R Studios - the Makers of the Cloud Agent Suite. Since he joined the company in 2010, Damon has traveled throughout the country teaching real estate agents how to best utilize each tool in the Cloud Agent Suite. His extensive insight and dedication to the real estate community has helped thousands of agents grow their business, all while looking awesome in front of their clients. When he isn’t at home in Scottsdale, AZ you can catch him at industry events connecting new users to the future of real estate and MLS technology.