Class Actions, Whistleblower Claims

& Your Practice

About this webinar

Fraud is as rampant as ever in our society, affecting the government and consumers all over the country. Greedy corporations and bad actors target consumers and defraud the government daily. Whistleblowers and consumer classes are crucial to holding businesses accountable for their harmful actions.

Successful results for your clients require a solid foundation for their fraud claim. Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is the difference between a class action and whistleblower claims?
  • What does it take to have a successful claim and what can these cases do for your clients and society?
Let our Consumer Fraud & Commercial Litigation attorneys simplify the answers and provide tools to fight fraud and corporate wrongdoing for your clients effectively. Join Rachel Minder, Rebecca Gilliland and Larry Golston as they share real-life successes using these essential tools.

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