CDL Space

What is CDL Space?

CDL Space is an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies related to the space industry.

At CDL Space, we are looking for the world’s most promising space technologies and companies, including those that will operate in space as well as those that operate terrestrially using space-based services.

We pair them with expert mentorship and technical advice from mentors like Chris Hadfield, Chad Anderson, and Anousheh Ansari, and help them forge connections to both investors and key industry players. We take no equity or IP ownership, and we charge no fees. CDL is funded by the contributions of visionary entrepreneurs and corporations who are passionate to support CDL’s mission to accelerate the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind.

In this webinar, you'll learn about what CDL Space offers:

  1. Technical validation and feedback from leading academics researchers
  2. Guidance on strategy and business development
  3. Opportunities to raise capital from angel investors and top-tier venture capital firms in the CDL network
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