CDL Neuro Webinar

What is CDL Neuro?

The Neuro Stream at CDL-Toronto brings together entrepreneurs, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors with broad experience in neurodegenerative disorders, neuroprosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, neurodevelopment, and cognitive modelling.

In this webinar, you'll learn about what CDL Neuro offers:

  1. Technical validation and feedback from leading academics researchers
  2. Guidance on strategy and business development
  3. Opportunities to raise capital from angel investors and top-tier venture capital firms in the CDL network
Hear from CDL Alumni Founder:
Dan Rizzuto, Founder and CEO, Nia Therapeutics
A medical device company developing an implant that senses brain activity related to memory and responds with electro-stimulation to improve memory function in patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

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Your Presenter
Valerie Chiykowski
Senior Venture Manager
Creative Destruction Lab
Valerie Chiykowski is a Senior Venture Manager at Creative Destruction Lab Toronto and leads the Matter stream for advanced material startups. Prior to joining CDL, Valerie completed her PhD in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia and BSc in Chemistry at Queen’s University. Her doctoral research was in materials discovery for next generation solar cells. Valerie is passionate about diversity in STEM as the co-founder of the Women in Chemistry initiative at UBC.