Building an Acetaminophen-Autism/ADHD Case

About this webinar

Autism and ADHD among U.S. children increased dramatically when acetaminophen products became the standard pain drug for pregnant women. Since the 1980s, autism diagnoses have risen tenfold to become what scientists have deemed an epidemic.
What does the research say about the link between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and Autism and ADHD? How do you build a strong case for your client?
Join Beasley Allen lawyers Roger Smith and Mary Cam Raybon for a look at this public health crisis and what we believe may become one of the biggest mass torts in history.
Our team will walk you through the building blocks of a good injury case, including evidence pointing to acetaminophen as the culprit and who may qualify for a claim. They will discuss relevant law and update CLE participants on the national litigation, which Roger helps lead as a member of the Plaintiffs Executive Committee.

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