Half Hour Power-up: Become a Procurify P.O. Pro

About this webinar

For Procurify newbies and pros alike, this webinar will make sure you're getting the most out of our Purchase Order features.

What you'll learn

No surprises here! We'll focus on creating Purchase Orders in Procurify, including:.
  • Pending Order Items List Management
  • Rejecting items
  • Filtering lists
  • Organizing data
  • Editing price and quantity
  • Procurify’s Vendor Performance Tool
  • Managing Vendors and Catalogs
  • Creating Purchase Orders
  • Custom P.O. numbers
  • Billing and shipping terms
  • Auto receive
  • Customizing a P.O.
  • Vendor email tracking
  • Audit logs
  • ...and more!

What you'll need

If you're content to sit back and watch, you don't need anything! If you'd like to follow along with the webinar, make sure you:
  • Have a Procurify account that has access to the Procure tab
That's it for now, and we'll save the rest for the webinar! Soon, you'll be able to save time by streamlining your workflows, while increasing accuracy and lowering processing times, so you can focus your energy on what's most important to you. You can learn all this in just under 30 minutes! Sign up today!
Meet Your Presenter!
Jacob Sewell
Training and Certifications Manager
I became a trainer because I love helping people figure out how to solve problems that they're having. There's nothing more satisfying than when a student has that moment where it all finally clicks together. I've been a trainer for over 3 years at Procurify, so I have a ton of knowledge to share, and would love to help improve your Procurify experience!