Avoid Overpaying in Taxes by Thinking Like Big Business

About this Webinar

For Real Estate Investors and Small Business owners, maximizing your business tax deductions is about a lot more than tax compliance and preparation.

Forward tax planning and forecasting are key to keeping your hard-earned dollars in your pocket.

Key Lessons Taught in this Webinar
Join Tax Sentinel's, Chris Brown, to learn how to incorporate the tax planning philosophy of the "Big 4" accounting firms into your business.
  • Forward tax planning for 2021
  • Why CPAs and business owners are afraid of "red flags" when filing taxes
  • Taking advantage of deductions allowed by the tax code
  • Why businesses paid the "Big 4" accounting firms $150B last year
  • Why the government gives massive tax opportunities to incentivize small business owners
  • Why small business owners should be meeting with their tax team more than once a year
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Chris Brown
Tax Sentinel