Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar

अभिमन्यु गर्भ संस्कार
स्वस्थ, सुदृढ, समृद्ध व दिव्य संतान प्रप्ति हेतु हार्दीक स्वागत !
“Discover the Divine Secrets
of GarbhSanskar to Have a Healthy and Active Baby"
A Lifetime Gift for your Baby. Nurture your Child in the Womb! Shape your baby’s life before it is Born!

Do you know?

✔ 80% of child’s brain development happens in womb. ✔ Babies learn to recognize words in mother's womb.
✔ Moods and emotions of the mother can affect the development of child.
✔ Through activities, you can develop a baby's spiritual, intellectual, mental, social growth in womb

The mother's bond with the child starts right from the time of conception. Baby listens and feels even when it is developing in the womb. GarbSanskar is important to:
  • Transfer positive thoughts
  • Keep positive energies & Stimulate positive thinking
  • Connect emotionally with the baby
  • Development of a bond between the mother and the child
  • Ensure baby is born with good health, love & culture and intelligence
Your Presenter
Manoj Bub
Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar
Happy Life
He is a Spiritual & Motivational Speaker; Garbh Sanskar Specialist, Meditation Guide, Reiki Grand Master, Yoga trainer & Author.
He is a founder of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Shri Krishna Reiki.
In the year 2005, he laid the foundation of Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar & Sidha Yog Jivan
Holds a record to train 24,000 plus couples directly in his live workshops in pan India. He has conducted over 25,000 indirect training done through his book "Abhimanyu Garbh Sanskar" and other related audio-video content
He has continuously organized workshops to train pregnant women on giving birth to a fortunate, luminary, healthy, strong, fearless, joyful, and spiritual child.
He also trains to save the child from the consequences of wrong elements to society He aims to build a divine generation for a better society.
He is tirelessly working to spread awareness about "Garbh Sanskar" not only in India but in the entire World.
He is also the founder of the Krishna Reiki Community where all the reiki healers come together to heal themselves He is on a global mission to empower 100,000,00 lives and enable them to live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.