A Candid Conversation on Startup Fundraising: Bootstrapped vs. Venture Backed

About this webinar (35 minutes)

How'd You Do It? - Episode 9: Lloyed Lobo is Cofounder of both Traction Conference and Boast.AI, a company he bootstrapped — and catapulted to eight figures in revenue before taking $123m in funding.

In this webinar, Lloyed shares:
  • How Boast.AI started and why him and his cofounder, Alex, decided to raise capital
  • How startups should think about external capital as it relates to their personal idea of success
  • The 9 questions every founder should ask themselves before raising capital

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Build your definition of success. Do not build someone else’s definition of success.
Lloyed Lobo, Cofounder and President, Boast.AI
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Melissa Kwan
Cofounder & CEO
eWebinar is a solution I wish existed when I was growing my previous tech company. Signing up new customers was always fun, but it didn't take long before I was drowning in repetitive training and onboarding webinars every day. After that company was acquired, I decided to solve the pain of of doing the same webinar over and over again. Our mission is to help give people back their time, and I'm excited for you to give eWebinar a try.
Lloyed Lobo
Cofounder and President
Lloyed is the Cofounder and President of Boast.AI, a company that is working to streamline and automate access to billions in R&D credits and innovation incentives so companies can fuel their growth while preserving equity and avoiding red-tape. Armed with $123M USD in funding, Boast.AI is on a mission to help innovative companies become successful. He also co-chairs Traction, a community of 100k+ founders and tech professionals that brings leaders from the fastest growing companies to share learnings on building, growing, and scaling startups via weekly webinars, regular meetups, and an annual conference.
About this series
In this interview-style webinar series, Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar, speaks with other entrepreneurs and leaders who have been successful at accomplishing something great and asks them, "How'd you do it?" Listen as Melissa's guests generously share their journeys, what they've learned along the way, and advice on all things business and life.