15-Minute GetSpeedBack Walkthrough and Demo

How to Automate Your Employee Reviews, Collect More Feedback, and Improve Engagement, While Saving Time

Why you should join

Tired of the hassle of performance reviews? In this 15-minute walkthrough, Cofounder, Matthew Meadows, will show you how GetSpeedBack can help you improve and automate your performance review process.

You’ll learn how companies are using GetSpeedBack to scale their reviews, increase the amount of feedback between team members, and improve engagement - getting their time and energy back in the process.

At the end of this session, you'll get a chance to sign up for a
free trial so you can get started today!
What You'll Learn

Let Matt show you how to improve and automate your existing performance review process so you NEVER have to deal with the hassle again.

He will show you:
  • The key features that make this review automation tool different; it's like nothing you've seen before
  • How to automate and analyze your review process, including custom competencies, team member dashboards, and other analytics
  • How to collect review data and feedback whether you use traditional top-down evaluation or 360 reviews
Your Presenter
Matthew Meadows
Co-founder and CEO
GetSpeedBack is a solution I wish existed when I was managing teams in my previous positions. Evaluating team members was always good practice, but it didn't take long before I (or my team) was drowning in repetitive forms and putting things off, only to be left with really unhelpful evaluation conversations. I decided to solve the pain of of doing employee performance reviews the old-fashioned way. Our mission is to help teams reach their potential with easier and more robust performance evaluation practices, and I'm excited for you to give GetSpeedBack a try.
Adrian Urteaga
Customer Representative